Dr. Garrison In The Media

Dr. Garrison co-authored The Clinician’s Guide to At Ease, Soldier!: Theory and Practice. Practical and user-friendly, this guide accompanies the book At Ease, Soldier!: How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again. It provides everything a clinician needs to implement the program with active-duty service members and veterans in order to work through post-deployment issues in either individual therapy or a therapy group. The first part covers information on behavior, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotions, stress, military families, communication, and addiction and substance abuse after deployment. The second part is composed of a 12 session program for group and individual therapy.

Science Explains Why You Hate Jar Jar Binks

 Psychology Explains Why You Hate Jar Jar BinksJar Jar Binks is likely the most consistently hated fictional character in history. Aside from personally disliking the character immediately upon seeing him in Star Wars Episode One, I’d always wondered exactly what it...